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Build Quality Backlinks & Blogger Connects

Automate Blogger Outreach & Build Links
Or Forge Profitable Partnerships

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Zoom! To The Top Of The SERPs With 100% Organic
Link-building & Traffic Source

Find tons of blogs and
websites eager to post
your articles
Get 100% Organic
Dofollow Links
Only Ranking Sites.
No Bad Players Or
Dead Blogs
Automated Email &
SMS Reachout
The Full Details Of The
Sites Including Rank,
Traffic & More
Email & Phone
Number Of Bloggers
& Influencers
30 Days Refund 24 / 6 Chat Support Satisfaction Guarantee

Postifluence Builds You Backlinks & Gets You New
Traffic With Hands-Free Ease

  • image Discover 100s of high-quality blogs and sites in any niche you target.
  • image In-built follow up system will work all by itself to get you that traffic and dofollow link
  • image Automatically stops campaign when your prospect responds. Truly hands-free!
  • image Detailed analytics. Get complete information about what’s happening.
  • image Don’t just build backlinks, but also get high-quality targeted traffic from blogs.
  • image Automatic system reaches out to bloggers through Email & SMS.
  • image Build listings for free or for pennies. Way cheaper and more effective than ads.
  • image Builds you fresh backlinks 24/6. Focus on the things you love, while your site grows.
  • image Supports Spintext. Every email and SMS you send out is 100% unique. Never get banned.
  • image No PBNs and no shady blog networks. Your links are only from highly-respected sites.
  • image Easy-to-use interface that you master fast.
  • image Free automatic upgrade for 1-year
  • image Keep shortlist of blogs you want to reach-out to, and connect any time you want.
  • image 100% safe and white-hat. Never get penalized because every link you get is organic.
  • image Only blogs that actively accept Guest post and articles as a policy.
  • image Marketplace lets you connect with other people with guest-posting opportunities.
  • image Supports snippets. Target influencers with content specific to them and convert them faster.
  • image Can be used to promote any business. Local businesses, ecom, products, it’s all promotable.
  • image Accurate information about blog ranking, traffic & backlink value.
  • image Maximizes your reachout inboxing with support for SMTP, GMail, Gsuite & Office.
  • image Create email templates perfect for your marketing and use them in campaigns over and over.
  • image Includes free training on how to do SEO marketing using this software.
  • image Get full contact details of owners, including Contact URL, Email address & even phone number.
  • image Constantly updated records, only have the latest ranking data. You get fresh listings always.

Postifluence - Backlink & Guest-Post
Automation With In-Built Marketplace

Find Perfect Sites To Target
Find the best Google loved sites that will guarantee rankings when you get a link.
Outreach Automation
Complete campaign automation for Emails & even SMS to get you the guest-post/link you need.
Trade In Guest Posts & Links
Got a site? Buy & Sell Guest posts & links and create another amazing revenue opportunity.
30 Days Refund 24 / 6 Chat Support Satisfaction Guarantee

Wondering What Other Similar
Platforms Charge?

Product Name Monthly Yealy Savings
imageDeknot $59/Month $708/Year $611/Year
imageBrandpush $229/Month $2748/Year $2651/Year
imageBuzzsumo $99/Month $1188/Year $1091/Year
imageBuzzstream $99/Month $1188/Year $1091/Year
imagePitchbox $195/Month $2340/Year $2243/Year
image Postifluence
85% Less

Even at these price points, these products are a steal because the only alternative is to do your outreach manually which could cost 7 to 10 times of any of these services.

30 Days Refund 24 / 6 Chat Support Satisfaction Guarantee

Postifluence Gets You 100% Organic
Guest-Posts & Backlinks To Build Up Your
Rankings & Authority

Find incredibly targeted sites with complete data about traffic and reach

Google rankings are not so much about numbers anymore than targeting.

Just one link in the right place could give your entire site a boost in rankings and get you 10x the number of daily visitors. That’s why you need to get your targeting right.

With Postifluence’s website finder, it is easy. And you get information that you can really use, like monthly traffic, worldwide rank, site authority, etc.


Get authentic contact data for the decision-maker

Postifluence will also harvest the authentic contact information of the blog or the site you select so that you can start off a personal reach-out.

Get the correct email addresses and even phone numbers that you can use to contact the blog owner about placing your guest post or link. You can use this information for your own campaigns, run campaigns for others, or even sell leads to other marketers.

Postifluence only uses the most trusted and updated sources to get you this information.

In-built contact automation makes finding amazing placements hands-free for you.

Postifluence goes beyond just data collection. It also has a full-blown marketing automation system that will get you those guest-posts and backlinks on auto.

Just set up a campaign for the site you want to promote and Postifluence will automatically send your reachout emails and SMSs to convince the site owner to give you the guest post. Yes, on 100% auto, no work involved.

You can set up multiple campaigns and keep them running simultaneously. Just watch those links pile up!


See Postifluence In Action

30 Days Refund 24 / 6 Chat Support Satisfaction Guarantee

Get high-quality Links Flick-&-Forget Easy


Auto-collects All The Contact Information For The Blog You Want To Target

Postifluence will find the contact form, the email address and even the phone number of the site owner of the blog that you want to target.

No more spending time locating who to contact, Postifluence gets you the direct contact of the key person.

All on full automatic. All you do is flick on a switch, then catch up on your favorite series while Postifluence works hard for you.

Outreach Campaigns That Run Without Monitoring

Postifluence has an intelligent email outreach system that sends out highly personalized emails to your target without any intervention from you.

Yes, right from personally addressing your blogger, to adding tid-bits about the blog in question to make your message even more appealing, Postifluence’s mailing campaign has it all.

Switch it on, watch the emails do their trick.

What’s even better? As soon as there is a reply, the email campaign pauses automatically.


Automatic SMS campaigns get you results

Ready to make your reach-out unmissable?

Send an SMS directly to the blog owner, right inside Postifluence.

Postifluence lets you run targeted SMS campaigns to get your article published.

Reach-out, make offers, book meetings, and impress the hell out of your prospect with a personal reach-out that no one can miss.

30 Days Refund 24 / 6 Chat Support Satisfaction Guarantee

Calibrate & Control Your Success To
The Level You Desire

Create 100% customizable email campaigns

Postifluence’s email campaigns are 100% customizable. You can change any message sent out to any blogger. Add your own personal touch and specific information to get better conversions.

It’s easy with Postifluence’s powerful message sequence builder.


Customize message with snippets

Want to make your messages custom and specific without working hard?

No problems! Postifluence supports snippets that can put in custom content, links, and information specific to the website you are targeting.

Make each message 100% unique. Make the blogger feel that the outreach is specific.

Scale a campaign to any level, any way you want

Your outreach campaigns run forever. Postifluence can keep finding new blogs and adding them to your campaign with just a click.

You can even bring in your own leads and send your sequences to any blog owner you want without first finding them inside of Postifluence.

30 Days Refund 24 / 6 Chat Support Satisfaction Guarantee

Want Rankings That Stick Forever? This Is
The Only Strategy That Works

Your backlinks from the right places

Backlinks are still no.1 for SEO, but only if they are from a good source.

Search Engine AIs now consider the context of the content you are getting link from, and if the context matches your niche then you get ranked higher.

Postifluence keeps you right on target, your links coming only from places that are in Google’s good books.


100% Do follow links only

Most sites don’t give do-follow links from comments, profiles, or directories anymore. These backlinks are useless even if the site itself is high-ranking.

With Postifluence, you get only do-follow links from within articles published on blogs and sites. These are the best links to have.

Never get de-ranked again

You have heard stories of businesses worth millions destroyed when a Google update hits.

This will never happen to you with Postifluence powering your links.

Get links that are 100% organic, 100% on-topic, and 100% valid. Never worry about Google de-ranking your site.


Targets blogs & sites that are actively looking for guest posts

Postilfuence only targets those blogs and sites that are open to guest posts and links from you. Don’t get flamed for reaching out!

Postifluence saves you time, effort and gets you better results.

30 Days Refund 24 / 6 Chat Support Satisfaction Guarantee

Rank Multiple Campaigns At The Same
Time & Rank Faster With One Site Or
Even Several

Designed to get you maximum number of quality links

Postifluence’s blogger outreach system is designed to get seen. With integration of Gmail, Gsuite & Office, Postifluence uses the best delivery infra to give you results that are unparalleled.

Your email or SMS campaign goes direct to the inbox and the links that pour in take you straight to the top of the SERPs.


Work on one website or multiple sites at the same time

You can promote your main site, or even multiple sites for yourself or for others.

Postifluence lets you create multiple identities and run multiple campaigns for different websites and SEO campaigns. Perfect for professional marketers and agencies.

Easy-to-reuse templates make scaling faster

The best outreach campaign is one that can get you results without forcing you to pore over a computer screen all day.

Create email templates once and then reuse them in as many as you want. No need to spend time doing the same thing over and over.

30 Days Refund 24 / 6 Chat Support Satisfaction Guarantee

Personalized Outreach Systems Makes
Your Marketing As Individual As Your

Personalize your messages easily

Make your messages 100% personal. Whether you are reaching people on email or SMS, make them feel that your message is written only for them.

Get a reply every time, and land more guest-post deals with personalized marketing.


Save Time & Effort with Snippets

Put commonly used content in snippets and use them in multiple SEO campaigns. Any time you change the snippets, all campaigns get updated automatically.

Craft effective SEO campaigns easily.

Automatically individualize messages

Address the prospects by name, auto-insert their site name or interesting information about their site to build an instant rapport. Land more links.

Postifluence makes it easy with tags. You don’t have to draft every message separately.


Run Multiple SEO Campaigns
Get Links For All Your Sites & Also
For All Your Clients & Associates

Run Multiple Campaigns For Any Product or Service
Postifluence lets you create multiple campaigns even for a single product. Promote your link building using multiple pitches and find out which one works best.
Run Campaigns For Your Clients Too
Got clients who could benefit from better backlinks? (Who wouldn’t?)
Run their campaigns on Postifluence and charge them per lead or per sale.
30 Days Refund 24 / 6 Chat Support Satisfaction Guarantee

So Easy You’ll Have Your First Campaign
Running Within Hour #1

30 Days Refund 24 / 6 Chat Support Satisfaction Guarantee

What You Get In Postifluence (Recap)

  • image The correct way to build backlinks
  • image Commercial license
  • image SMS outreach automation
  • image Marketplace
  • image Intelligent blog & site discovery system
  • image Niche & traffic analysis of sites to target
  • image Targeted do-follow & high-ranking sites
  • image Email & phone numbers of site owners
  • image Email blogger outreach automation
  • image Support for multiple campaigns
  • image Readymade email templates
  • image Outreach personalization
  • image 100% Organic link-building
  • image 10 readymade outreach messages
  • image Huge collection of stock assets
  • image 1-Year Free Updates
  • image 24/6 Live chat support
  • image SEO marketing training

Get Postifluence & Zoom Up The SERPs With
Backlinks That Actually Rank


Get Postifluence Pro For $97 Yearly

Postifluence Pro
image image image image image
  • Unlimited Commercial Rights
  • 200 niche searches daily
  • Support for 20 Campaigns
  • 500 Outreaches a day
  • 1000 Account Verifications
  • Supports 10 identities
  • Snippet Support
  • Personalization Support
$97 Yearly
Free Upgrades
24 / 6 Chat Support

Money Back Guarantee

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Here's our guarantee!

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